Cansu Bulgu: Spiritual Sand Drawing

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If you’ve never experienced what artist and spiritual guide Cansu Bulgu does, you must. It is a bucket-list experience, her intuitive and personally aligned work both meditative and ethereal.

Bulgu creates large scale intuitive sculptural drawings in the sand that represent all the elements. And her act of creation is something she shares with clients as “live Intuitive Sand Drawing Sessions.” She also creates personalized, one-of-a-kind installations and spiritual contemporary fine art series on dye-infused ink metal panels.

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We were fortunate enough to experience a sand drawing session, a process she began in 2010 in Kauai, when the artist “touched the sand and the first drawing came. It was one of those sparkles of life” that she felt compelled to follow.

Highly successful in her IT field, Bulgu knew her life and calling had irrevocably changed. “I felt the pull of love toward a new creation that wanted to come through. It was choice-less, really,” she relates.

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Today she works to create a “space of stillness”  – that’s how the drawing happens – without any pre-visualization or pre-conceptualization. “Rather than working on it, we come together, and we are being drawn in the moment” she says of her process with clients.

Working near the ocean, intuitively selecting the location and time, Bulgu started our session with a beautiful cleansing sound from a crystal bowl before, trance-like, moving through a sand drawing that is all spontaneous energy, expressing the essence of the client in a stunning art work infused with spiritual meaning.

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Although she felt the call to this work in 2010, it wasn’t until 2015 that she started bringing it out into the world.  A gallery show in Laguna Beach was the start.

“I just love showing up as life gives me invitations. It’s so mysterious and familiar… personal and universal at the same time,” she relates. “My work is very alive. You can hang my pieces from different angles and see different perspectives.”

Her sessions have a powerful energy.

“When we drop our personality in any moment, when death of ego occurs, it becomes a container for light. You are the embodiment of light, in that space of stillness.”

Bulgu recalls after her first gallery event that one individual had “The person asked what I did exactly. I said there are two circle from which you can live life. In the first circle you can describe everything with words, yet lose some of the meaning. In the other circle, you  just have a clear and deep sense of knowing, yet, you cannot use words to describe or talk about it. This work is best experienced from the latter circle. It’s so simple yet profound. A gentle shift in perception offers effortless transformation. Light, light, light.”

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Bulgu will be a part of the Dana Point Festival of The Arts on Sunday, May 21, 2017; and June 24th at the Torrance Art Festival. Visit her and you can – and should – also experience her work in its pure and profound state individually – it’s as healing as it is beautiful.

See more of the artist’s work via her website at

DiversionsLA is thrilled to announce that she will be offering FIVE personal sand drawing experiences as a fundraiser to benefit young musician and mother Nicole Saari, who is suffering from acute Lyme disease. May is Lyme Awareness month – what better way to raise personal awareness as well than to experience the one-of-a-kind spiritual creation Bulgu offers. Message the artist at for more information; the minimum donation is a really incredible $150 per session, additional donated amounts are of course welcome Payments can be made via PayPal ( or Saari’s GoFundMe page. Be sure to indicate that payment is for Cansu Bulgu sand drawing – all proceeds benefit Nicole Saari.

  • Genie Davis; Photos: Genie Davis



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