CB1 Gallery: Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia – Plegarias


The Spanish title of Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia’s solo show at CB1 refers to the vernacular for prayer. A devout Christian, Segovia seeks to present truly Christian based contemporary art distanced from right wing politics and secularization.


“Being a liberal, young, contemporary Christian, it seemed to me that there was a window in which to revitalize the conversation about Christianity. There are so many traditions and theologies to draw from,” he notes.


“The setting of this sculpture, Eye of God, references prayer banners set up in chapel settings,” the Juarez-born artist relates.


It’s unusual to see modern art infused with religious vitality. There’s nothing old school or conservative in Segovia’s message or his work. Fusing the vibrant colors of Mexico with golden tones that draw comparison to images of religious icons and traces of Aztec culture, Segovia freshens the genre of religious art with sweeping complexity.

CB1 is located 1923 S. Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90021; the exhibition runs through December 19th.

  • Genie Davis; all photos: Jack Burke


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