Corey Helford Gallery: Spectacular Anniversary Show Closes this Saturday



Crashing into the art scene ten years ago, Corey Helford Gallery has always served up fascinating shows.


There is pretty much only one way to describe the 10th Anniversary Gala Group Exhibition now at Corey Helford Gallery in DTLA – and that’s spectacular. So don’t miss the chance to turn out for this feast of an exhibition, closing this week.


Featuring the work of a wide variety of artists exhibited at Corey Helford over the years, “Ten Years of Amazing Artists:  Corey Helford Gallery and Friends Celebrate!” is a terrific retrospective, a kaleidoscopic survey created by curated by Jan Corey Helford & Caro of the diverse artists shown here.


Making great use of the gallery’s grand 12,000-square-feet of space, artists showing include Chris Anthony, Caia Koopman, Carlos Ramos, Gary Baseman, Camille Rose Garcia , Ron English, Shag (Josh Agle), Andrew Brandou, Korin Faught, Natalia Fabia, Kinsey , Lola , Simone Legno (Tokidoki) ,Kukula (Nataly Abramovitch) , Luke Chueh, Buff Monster, Van Arno, Sarah Folkman, Sylvia Ji, Brandi Milne, Joey Remmers, David Stoupakis, Annie Owens, Jason Shawn Alexander, Henry Lewis, Eric Joyner, D* Face, Chloe Early, Greg Gossel, Colin Christian, Nouar ,Michael Mararian, Ray Caesar, Sas Christian, Mike Stilkey, Adam Wallacavage, Michael Page, Eine , Billy Norrby, Tom Bagshaw, Shawn Barber, Risk , Kazuki Takamatsu, Erik Mark Sandberg, Victor Castillo, Beau Stanton, Richard J Oliver, Ben Frost, Soey Milk, Hikari Shimoda, Jennybird Alcantara , PETER GRONQUIST , Nicomi Nix Turner , HUEMAN , Redd Walitzki , Yosuke Ueno , Herakut , Naoto Hattori , Lu Cong , R. Leveille ,Hannah Yata , Lori Nelson , Joanne Nam , Travis Lampe , Brian Donnelly , Hirabayashi Takahiro , Kisung Koh , Mary Jane Ansell , Kelsey Beckett , Logan Hicks , Sarah Dolby , Carlo Cane , Joe Hengst , Okuda , Nathan James , Mikael Takacs , Mandy Cao , Miho Hirano , Adrian Cox , Lauren Marx , Yasuyo Fujibe , Stephanie Inagaki , Amandine Urruty , Stickymonger , Sarah Emerson , Riikka Hyvönen , Pip & Pop , Nicole Gordon , Meredith Marsone , Mara Light , Lauren YS , Kris Lewis , Lala Abaddon , Kristen Liu-Wong , Keun Young Park , Joey Bates , Jean-Paul Mallozzi , Haroshi , Heidi Taillefer , Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak , Alessia Iannetti , Scott Musgrove , Amy Fry , Scott Hove , Olivia De Berardinis , Ian Francis , Glazed Paradise , Jonathan Viner , Marion Peck , Nigel Cox , Handiedan , Glazed Paradise (Mark Jenkins & Sandra Fernandez).


Culling from the gallery’s catalog of artists, the show highlights an emphasis on the cutting edge, the surreal, the subversive, and the simply beautiful.


The gallery grew from a personal collection of Jan Corey Helford, who founded the gallery with husband Bruce. Previously housed in Culver City, the larger space has led to richer shows, with space not merely filled but with art work but space used to create an immersive experience of pop surrealism, street art, and all works contemporary.


So sit back and enjoy a look at some of the stellar pieces that represent the gallery’s exhibitions over the years, then head downtown for the closing this weekend.

The beautiful photos here are all from the camera of Jack Burke.

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Corey Helford Gallery is located at 571 Anderson Street in DTLA.

  • Genie Davis; photos: Jack Burke

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