Elyse Wyman’s Conceal/Reveal at the Los Angeles Art Association


Elyse Wyman’s Conceal/Reveal explores the connection between personal identity and body image in a stunning exhibition focusing on the female body in our culture. Wyman uses plastic forms as symbols of our emotional defenses, and layers these sculptures with found objects and fragments.

One of three solo exhibitions at the Los Angeles Art Association through November 20th, Wyman’s show is a brilliantly layered exploration of the female form, and it’s meaning in society and our minds.

Wyman with "Fire in the Belly" - all photos: Jack Burke
Wyman with “Fire in the Belly” – all photos: Jack Burke

In her piece “Fire in the Belly,” Wyman utilizes a voltage sign she found broken into two pieces. “I immediately thought I had to have this for something. My husband calls me a pack rat, but eventually the use reveals itself,” she says. “My process is similar to my work: what do we conceal and what do we reveal about ourselves.”


Wyman says her pieces were “born during my own bout with breast cancer. I had to examine what a torso really means to us, as a receptacle of us, of our heart and our guts,” she notes.


The Los Angeles Art Association is located at 825 La Cienega in West Hollywood.

  • Genie Davis; Photos by Jack Burke

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