Face in the Crowd: Art Share LA Group Show Closing

Art share 2 kristine

Art Share 5 janine

Portraits are personal. They also express the utter humanity of people, both individually and collectively. While traditional portraiture is still relevant, so are other forms of depicting the human experience.

This group show at Art Share LA provided a look into the hearts and minds – and faces – created by artists through photography, painting, sculpture, and mixed media pieces. The eleven-artist group show closing this week at Art Share LA offers a wide variety of images, from the deconstructed, self-exposing sculptures of Kristine Schomaker to the wallflowers who threaten to dissolve into the wallpaper of Janine Brown’s delicate pinhole camera photography.

Below, portraits come in all guises: Kenneth Waitrak, Mark Indig, Kristine Schomaker. We look into the soul of the artist and the subject.

art Share 3

Below, Janine Brown’s handmade cardboard pinhole camera captures ghostly portraits inspired by the idea of “wallflowers” literally fading into the wall – and the juxtaposition of that idea, which first appeared in the Victorian age, with wallpaper, which was popular during the same era.

Art Share Janine only

Below, Kristine Schomaker’s dynamic sculptures – self expression through powerfully deconstructed works on body image, body culture, and vanity. The bright colors hold a potent message: it’s what we see below the surface that’s really beautiful.

Art share 2 kristine Art Share 4 Kristine

Artists included in this group show:

Alexis Bolter
Holly Boruck
Janine Brown
Luis Favela
Brett Garamella
Minas Halaj
Mark Indig
Kristine Schomaker
Susan Swihart
Johnie Thornton
Kenneth Waitrak

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