Four Times the Art at Gabba Gallery

Now through January 27th at Gabba Gallery, four strong solo shows in a range of mediums offer a bold beginning to the new year.
With Give and Take, Cyrus Howlett offers a bright, vivid palette of red, yellow, and aqua against raw and uncoated wood. His images are of hands.
Powerful, graceful hands are enigmatically suspended in an undefined space, offering images that have overtones of AI and VR and reveal the potential for understanding through gesture.
With Evolution, Dytch66’s lush, hyper-realistic style is a beautiful outgrowth of his street art. The LA-based artist uses spray paint to create these detailed images, shaping resonant, graceful works with amazing precision.
Above, Dytch66’s “The King.”
Spacegoth creates a world here inhabited by playful devils and those humans who have left this mortal plane. There is a sense of the ominous and the playful coexisting side by side in these works, which at times feature words as well as images. In short, she’s filling The Void. 
Some images emerge from that void with a delightful sharp touch of the whimsical, as below, with “Nobody.”
Other images, such as the above “I Spent a lot of time in the background,” have a darker resonance.
With ARTSTAR, Kate Kelton uses acrylics on found and assembled woods, in an exploration of immortality and stardom.

Her gorgeous black and white works have a throwback quality, as if they were created in another time or another realm. Beautifully evocative, her work is both romantic and fully alive, a celebration of the past and the promise of eternity.

The uniqueness of each artist’s work gives Gabba a strong start to 2018, with four fully-realized solo shows all in one fun space.

  • Genie Davis; photos provided by Gabba Gallery

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