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Mixed media artist Lindsey Price is a photographer with a vision. Of doors to the imagination or perhaps another realm entirely in her “What’s on the Other Side” series, of the empty places where magic is just waiting to fill the gaps in her stunning black and white seascapes, “Empty,” and in “Desert Retreat” of pastel colored skies over rugged hills awash in late afternoon glow and soft sunset. Where her photography edges – into the magical and sublime – her collage’s fully land.

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Pink flamingos, wild flowers, and fields of Saguaro cacti meet ascending to a Middle Eastern palace with a minaret in one piece, evoking a fairy-tale landscape in a world where such juxtaposition may just lead to the excavation of ancient cities that stretch below the palace, or perhaps to a meeting of the minds and souls of the people crowded on rocks to the left of the collage.

As with all of Price’s collages, the field is packed with images, but never cluttered. The eye roves from one corner to the next, taking in the surreal and the real, the delicate colors, the kaleidoscopic technique. Speaking of a kaleidoscope, another Price collage uses the circular prismatic image pattern viewed through one as the frame work of a piece depicting four images of a woman’s strikingly made-up eyes, four of a flowering cactus, a spiny plant, a sea shell, each set of four meeting its twin on the other half of the collage. Between them, linking each set of four, is a set of two twinned women standing in profile against a single colored circle. The colors, with much green, blue, purple and iridescent shine add to the feeling of entering a mythical realm, a portal through space and time into the heart of a female-centric beauty.

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Similarly, three images of a dark haired woman, back turned to the viewer, stare toward three images of a planet, suspended in a glowing sky above dark mountains and swirling pink clouds below them. It’s a woman’s world, wherever we are. The woman’s body, the iconic shape of the mountains, and the beams of light all recall iconic anime images and Japanese wood block art.

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Inspired by the surrealist art movement, Price describes her continued amazement when she creates “a representation of my innermost desires, fantasies and dreams. I create my art with the home that others will travel through the images I’ve put together and be awakened to their own desire.”

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Price is a photographer, editor, designer, and artist, with her BFA in photograph and Media from the California Institute of the Arts. Residing in Los Angeles, she brings a SoCal feel to her work, from the California deserts depicted in her photography to the color palette in her collages.

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