Merry Karnowsky Gallery – Mark Whalen – Trapezoid


What do you see? Rubik’s Cube, geometry class, chess boards, hundreds of cameras trained on hundreds of people, one person, no people at all – the observed and the observer, entwined and alone.


Geometric forms shape a world of immense order. Patterns create beauty, create conformity. All chaos is about to break loose in this Trapezoid life.


The Merry Karnowsky Gallery is often a hot-bed of emerging artists, and the exhibition of Mark Whalen’s latest works, “Trapezoid” is no exception. From hand-painted glazed ceramics to acrylic, ink, and gouache on panels, Whalen has constructed a series of personal, intricate worlds.

Meticulously detailed, his ceramics and paintings feel intense,  pristine but pointed introductions to something other-worldly that Whalen is asking the viewer to explore.




E.T. – take a picture and text it home.  The rest of us can explore this strange and stellar world through October 12th at  170 S. La Brea in Los Angeles.

  • Genie Davis; Photos – Jack Burke

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