Pursuit of the Magic Piece: Book Signing and Tasty Eats


Looking for something fun for the whole family this weekend? Something celebrating a cute children’s book, and serving up healthy, tasty eats for both kids and adults? Jeanne Cheng, owner of Kye’s Montana in Santa Monica, Calif. has a treat for you.

On Sunday the 27th from 3-5 pm, restaurant owner and book author Cheng is hosting a special book launch party to celebrate the release of her “Pursuit of the Magic Piece.” As fun as this book is for kids, having recently dined in Kye’s sunny, cheerful location, we can attest that there’s something even more fun afoot: the food. Primarily inventive, vegetable wrapped burritos,  Cheng describes her food as prepared to have the whole family “eating happy.”

We approached dining here with some caution: organic, healthy fast casual that’s actually tasty can be tough to find. But her claim is justified: the conscious food movement cuisine served up here is something everyone will enjoy – because it’s all about flavor.

Featuring Kyeritos, gluten free wraps with organically sourced ingredients and enough taste to appeal to Cheng’s young son, to try a bite is to believe you’ll clean your plate: in fact, you’ll want to eat here all the time.

And what better time to sample the cuisine than at a family friendly book launch where there will actually be samples.  Cheng calls the launch a “nutritional adventure. There’ll be a fun activity page, a book reading, samples of the book’s recipes, and children can even roll their own mini-sweet chicken kyerito.”


The delightfully spicy Vegan Bean Taco wrapped in collard greens on top; below, the Macro, wild seared salmon in nori.


Reading material!


The drinks are delicious too, from herbal teas to smoothies – like this caramelized banana shake made with banana, Chinese yam, coconut milk, and coconut milk ice cream.


Kye’s is located at 1518 Montana in Santa Monica. And this is the weekend to grab a bite and a book.

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