Fabrik Expo Recap


We’ve waxed on enthusiastically here about the wonderful scene at the StART Up, and we’ll recap the vast and captivating LA Art Show coming up later this week. But first: a smaller scale art fair, and one with it’s own inventive and exceptional art work.

Held in the funky and fun indoor/outdoor Willow Studios in DTLA, Fabrik was one of the four art shows to draw art patrons and lovers across Los Angeles.

The driving idea behind Fabrik’s entry: the convergence of art, design, and architecture.

KATMOBL art car by LA artist JT Burke and the Botart Installation International Barrel Art were two of the outdoor installations worth braving a very-non-LA chilly weekend to see.




Artist Petra Eiko, below, created celestial, glowing works that evoked the origins of planets.


Below: the eyes have it.


MAS ATTACK 11 by Arta Curatorial featured a variety of terrific artists with individual pieces. Below, Kio Griffith.

F23C8532 F23C8530

Above two MAS ATTACK 11 artists exhibiting their vibrant works: Hung Viet Nguyen, and David Leadman.


Above, Steven Wolkoff with one of his richly layered, visually immersive three-dimensional words-in-paint pieces (top work).  Wolkoff’s “word piles” began as a response to Anish Kapoor’s 1000 Names, a meditation on the absurd attempts to fight life’s impermanence.

Below, ceramic artist Sharon Hardy, with her layered, works that appear to have the texture of feathers and cloth.

F23C8523 F23C8522

The neon art created by Cleon Peterson and Lisa Schulte was fresh and engaging.


Below, Sonia Payes sculptures create a mysterious aura, the off-spring perhaps of sculptural parents on Easter Island.

F23C8516 F23C8513

Overall, Fabrik Expo opened its doors to a bevy of fresh, emerging artists in an accessible space. We’re betting that next year, more inventive artists and art collectives will be a part of this show.

  • Genie Davis, Photos by Jack Burke