Jill Joy is Back


After a rough start in a gallery space on Wilshire that had scores of structural problems, gallerist and artist Jill Joy is back on La Brea, in a second iteration that is sure to bring “joy” to fans of her art and the curated shows she’s planned featuring other artists.


Upcoming, Aline Mare (above) and Michael Giancristiano will be presenting Organic Integration, opening November 5th; continuing is Joy’s inaugural show in her new space, Emotion, on display through December 3rd. The gallery both Joy’s art and that of other artists whose work includes elements of, to quote Joy, “spiritual healing and the evolution of consciousness.”


Joy’s own show here is visually very dramatic. “It’s me processing an emotional experience. Calm isn’t a part of this work,” the artist attests. “It’s very raw. A lot of people respond to this, but personally I like calmer stuff.”


The artist “barely used a brush” to create this body of work, saying “I scraped with trowels. It’s very thick paint. It took a long time to dry.”  Joy creates only a few pieces a year, the most recent in this exhibition is from 2015, with others dating to 2010.


The power – and often the darkness – of Emotion is in both Joy’s color palette and in the slashing, even angry paint strokes. It’s work that exhumes and compels, that serves as a release and is the fulcrum in a storm of feeling. In short, it’s like touching lightening in a bottle, or perhaps more to the point, like watching visual thunder.

Emotion is one part of a three-part series including Joy’s Consciousness and Illumination. The goal of all of the artist’s work is to expand consciousness itself.


Check out Joy’s work and in November, that of Mare and Giancristiano – (Mare left, Giancristiano right, above) whose exciting new exhibition includes natural elements – at 456 S. La Brea Ave.

  • Genie Davis; Photos: Jack Burke, and upcoming exhibition courtesy Aline Mare and Jill Joy Gallery.


Jump for Joy: Jill Joy’s in Town


There’s a new gallery in Los Angeles, the Jill Joy Gallery, located at 6124 Wilshire Blvd., just down the street from LACMA. The gallery owner is also the gallery’s resident artist:  Jill Joy creates vast abstract minimalist oil paintings redolent with light and color.

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Her inaugural exhibition, “Consciousness – New Paintings,”  sings of sea, sky, air and space, a surreal and vibrant world which the artist creates while in a meditative state, and which she hopes will serve as a meditative focal point for viewers.


Self-taught, Joy has a successful following in what she calls secondary markets, such as Texas and Florida. To create the proper home for her work in LA, the artist felt compelled to open her own space, which she plans to share with other artists within the next year, artists whose works also support her own commitment to spiritual evolution.


Joy describes her current exhibition, Consciousness,  as one of three main bodies of work each dealing with the spiritual.  “The next two shows will be titled Emotion and Illumination.  Each series concerns the evolution of our emotions.”


While creating her art is a spiritual process for Joy, opening her own gallery was a practical consideration. “I started looking first in the South Santa Fe area south of downtown, but so many of the spaces were so large. Next I looked in the historic core, near Skid Row, but the space there honestly did not have the right feel. So my vision expanded west, and this just seemed ideal. I wanted to present my work in a beautiful environment.” Joy felt it was her mission to open a gallery space, and that it is the best way to present her work to viewers.


Enlightenment, karma, yoga, reincarnation – these are all elements in Joy’s work, which swirls with a kind of visual music filled with color and light; an orchestrated series of emotional crescendos.  Experience her opening exhibition through February 13th.

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