Eva Perez Artist Talk and Closing at the Neutra Gallery

Perez 12


We’ve written about Eva Perez before, and her stunning personal journey. Perez’ Fertile Infertility is a passion project, cathartic and visually astonishing.

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In her closing talk, Perez addressed her complex use of materials: minute droplets of wax that drew bees into her studio…

Perez 17

The precision and delicacy of gold leaf…”There is always something beyond the suffering of the moment.”

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The repeatable yet delicate resin sculptures…

Perez 8

the soft and subtle cellular shapes she created of cloth.

Her favorite medium may just be ink: she says she felt a peace, a zen-like pleasure in the swirling movements of her brush creating egg-like shapes as lush and meaning-dense as caligraphy.

She discussed her “obsession” with both the topic of fertility, her attempts to conceive, and her art as a conceptual process.

Perez has powerfully taken a fraught subject, laid bare her personal journey, and taken on a transcendent body of work that fascinates on a variety of levels.

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There is an inchoate longing that fills these pieces, a subtle and resonant beauty in the more abstract works that could be viewed simply on the basis of their rich patterns, their almost spiritual shapes. Her more figurative works glow with their own inner life, their own visual gestation.

Miss this show? Well don’t miss Perez. Her work will doubtlessly continue along the most fertile of creative paths.

  • Genie Davis; Photos: Genie Davis