Spring Art Week Blooms with Global Variety

Fabrik Photo independent crowd

Like spring flowers, art is blooming in Los Angeles – with a terrific art week at The Reef April 18th through 23rd. The DTLA location will feature three major art shows produced by Fabrik Media: Photo Independent Fair, The Los Angeles Festival of Photography, and EXPO Contemporary Fair.  Opening night festivities for all three events will take place Friday, April 21st from 6 to 10 p.m.

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Here’s a look at all three shows.

Photo Independent

In it’s fourth year, Photo Independent, which runs from the 21st to the 23rd, offers a stellar platform for independent photographic artists. These exceptional works are presented by artists who have not yet participated in gallery-based fairs or reached a global audience. As a part of the exhibition, attendees have the opportunity to view the work of internationally renowned photographer Roger Ballen.

Fabrik Roger-Ballen-Photo

The South African-based artist will be presenting Ballenesque, four decades of work as well as pieces from his new series, The Theatre of Apparitions. Ballen will also be conducting a three-day Fine Art Photography workshop, as well as delivering the exhibition’s keynote speech, and holding a book signing. Working in black and white photography for over fifty years, Ballen believes that this medium as an “abstract way to interpret and transform what one might refer to as reality.”

Roger ballen

Ballen’s most recent series marks a departure from his already challenging oeuvre, inspired by hand-drawn carving on blacked-out windows in an abandoned women’s prison. Here his work is layered and experimental, merging painting, drawing, and photography using spray paints on glass, then removing the paint with a sharp object. We are looking at images which evoke pre-historic cave paintings. The series title refers to the theatrical mentality of life itself, dreams, imagination, and memories, as acted out on a mental and emotional stage.

In addition to Ballen’s work and that of other exhibitors, Paul Martineau, associate curator at the J. Paul Getty Museum will be reviewing photographers and their booths at Photo Independent, honoring one artist as Best of Show 2017. The winner will be awarded a solo exhibition in the 2018 fair.

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The Los Angeles Festival of Photography

This weeklong festival begins April 18th, and has as its goal the encouragement and celebration of photographic images and their creators. Lectures, workshops, gallery tours, networking, and of course, exhibitions are all a part of a festival that draws leading photographers.

Featured events include Keynotes from curator and writer Charlotte Cotton, and Roger Ballen, also leading a workshop on Fine Art Photography.  Other workshops will be presented by award winning photographers including Susan Burnstine, Karin Apollonia Müller, and Julia Dean.  Mobile Photography Workshops including David Ingraham: The iPhone Darkroom; Bob Weil: Creating Conceptual Art on Mobile Devices; and Nicki Fitz-Gerald: Life in Layers – Creative iPhone Artistry, will also be presented. The wide array of photographic exhibitions draws art lovers and photographers worldwide.

Fabrik photo contemporary EF Kitchen

Fabrik Expo Contemporary Linda Kunik

EXPO Contemporary

Looking for something different? Attendees will find exciting contemporary art here, in an annual exhibition that goes beyond the standard art fair experience, exposing audiences to a wide variety of artists, media, and practices. Both traditional and non-traditional media and materials will be presented from painters, printmakers, book and graphic artists, sculptors, assemblage and mixed media artists, muralists, installation artists, and high concept designers. The exhibition will also examine public art, experimental architecture, and environmental, social, and collaborative projects.

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As Chris Davies, director of Fabrik Media, explains having three different art fairs in Los Angeles at one time is an exciting prospect. “With so many options, there will be a show for every type of art patron.”

All three exhibitions will be held at The Reef, 1933 S. Broadway, in DTLA.

For more information on each fair, and to purchase weekend, day passes, and opening night tickets see fair websites: