Two from West Adams at MuzeuMM: Two Fine Artists, One Neighborhood


Above, the dimensional art of Rufus Snoddy; below the unique, relief-style works of Lucinda Luvaass.


Two from West Adams, now at MuzeuMM through the end of this month offers the works of two of the community’s own artists: local Lucinda Luvaas and Northern Michigan based sculptor Rufus Snoddy, who grew up in the neighborhood. It’s fitting that Muzeumm, a part of the West Adams community, is hosting these two geographically linked artists.

Curated by Mishelle Moross, the exhibition reveals two strong bodies of work, each infused with a sense of abundant curiosity and exploration, each rich and nuanced, entirely different in approach and style.


Lucinda Luvaass produced a film from which the exhibition’s title is taken, Two from West Adams. “I’ve only been here three years, whereas Rufus grew up here. The film is about us and the neighborhood block party where Rufus grew up,” she explains.

The film screened at the opening on October 1st and will appear on PBS in December.  Luvaass first met Snoddy when she was curating a college art gallery in Mt. San Jacinto. “I showed a lot of local artists and he was a stand out there.”

muzeum-lucinda-5 muzeum-lucinda-8 muzeum-lucinda-6

Luvaass’ own work here represents pieces she’s been creating since 2007. “The color scheme is really important in these relief paintings, some of which have photographic images in them. The relief is made of wax, oil, and gel. Some people feel the technique involved is like print making crossed with painting. I started out in sculpture but I was bad at it. I’ve pretty much invented this, no one has anything quite like it.”

muzeum-lucinda-4 muzeum-lucinda-2

Her pieces have a three-dimensional quality that is also reminiscent of a musical composition in the balance, sculpture, and patterns.


Snoddy uses all mixed media construction. “I use wood, plastics, metal. I am a sculptor, so anything I do I try to turn into the three dimensional. I work surfaces because I am crazy about texture. That’s what I see around me, the texture, which kind of started with me living in Los Angeles.”

His first studio was a half block away from MuzeuMM.

muzeum-rufus-3 muzeum-rufus-1

“I am mainly concerned about perception and how we understand things. I am interested in what we need to have a happy life in a psychological way versus consumerism, and trying to buy happiness.”


Both artists offer compelling, fresh technique and pieces that evoke memory and illusion, transition and stasis. They are the epitome of Los Angeles: melding form and function, fusing a variety of artistic means to create an entirely new end.  Wherever either artist moves, they will always carry at their core the fact that they were or are a part of a diverse community constantly in motion.

muzeum-bartender muzeum-potaotes

Above: reasons not to miss an opening at MuzeuMM again besides the stellar art: outdoor patio plus drinks; garlic-rich potatoes as the ultimate art snack.

MuzeuMM is located at 4817 West Adams Blvd.

  • story and photos: Genie Davis