Sugar Mynt Gallery – Transparency



Don’t let the cozy cottage setting fool you – the sophisticated exhibitions at Sugar Mynt Gallery in Pasadena continue with Transparency, which holds its closing reception next weekend March 5th.

The group exhibition includes works by Defective Barbie, Rob Grad, Rosana Aziernicki, Jon Levy-Warren, Erika Lizee, Robyn Sanford, Jane Szabo, Jim Payne, Sylvie Congranne, Greg Dyro, Olga Ponomarenko in a collection of paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed media that employs the use of transparency to create fresh insight into new worlds.

Artist Jane Szabo’s photography is a breathtaking look at illusion. Known for her series of “dress” photographs, in these works, Szabo relates “I’m pushing the envelope a little more, engaging more in different ways than I have in the past. I don’t want to get too formulaic with the dress ingredient.”


Red cellophane – definitely transparent.


“This dress is made from the little sample filters packaged to show different lighting gels for the movie industry,” Szabo says. The dress she created crosses the look of stained glass with a rainbow.

“I love the out of focus, cast light, projection behind the dress. It was projected on the wall behind the dress and photographed using a single exposure.”



Erika Lizee’s works above are ethereal, other worldly flowers that seem to trail fragrance and mystery.


Rosana Aziernicki has ghostly cities rising through the roots and branches of trees.


Greg Dyro – the colors of a fairy tale. Jelly fish are about as transparent as nature gets, and the colors here show life within the life of the sea.

Throughout the exhibit, the works show a depth to the idea of transparency. We’re not just seeing through, we see within. Check out the vision.

Sugar Mynt is located at 810 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030




  • Genie Davis, All Photos: Jack Burke