The Art of Sedona

Sedona is an artful town. From sidewalk and parking lot statues, to galleries packed with local art, to the art that’s painted by nature in the sunset skies, the beautiful red rocks, and the cusp of a crescent moon.

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Tlaquepaque is a graceful, tree shaded Spanish-colonial shopping plaza.  Beneath shady trees on winding paths there are over forty shops and galleries. Also on site is the Oak Creek Brewery, which makes a relaxing spot to – pardon the phrase – enjoy the art of a micro-brew IPA.

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With summer’s heat intense by day, strolling these graceful paths at night can be just the thing. The Renee Taylor Gallery was open late, and featured a number of gorgeous, landscape-evocative pieces.

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Sculptures, particularly metal sculptures, are everywhere in Sedona: from bronze statues of skateboarders near a roadside to shimmering crystal laden wire trees in parking lots. Animal figures are especially prevalent.

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sedona scupltue

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And what about art painted by nature’s hand? At Airport Mesa, sunset viewing is a celebration that illuminates red rock monuments throughout the valley. At Crescent Moon Red Rock Crossing a view of the famous – and challenging to climb – Cathedral Rock is the lure; for an all encompassing view and the reflection of the sunset as it paints the sky, the Vista Point trail in Boynton Canyon is the perfect Western landscape. Architectural art? Try The Chapel of the Holy Cross, built into a red rock cliff as if it had sprung there.  It too is a work of art, inspired and commissioned by local sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude.


sedona 5 red rock

Sedona sunset

sedona chapel