What I Want for the Holidays: Wish List at Gabba Gallery

Wish List 3.0 is an annual must-go for art lovers and those buying presents for the art-centric on their holiday list. Cash and carry, first come, first served, there’s an ever changing menu of art on the walls at Gabba Gallery in the Westlake district.

Paintings were literally flying off the walls at the opening last Saturday, but with the show running until December 20th and fresh art hung daily, there’s still plenty to purchase and plenty to see.

This is another of those “only at Gabba” exhibitions: unique, cutting edge art with an emphasis on street art; amazing prices, something for everyone in terms of style, and the buzz of discovered, uncovered, and coveted art.


Above, gallery owner and curator Jason Ostro (l), co-curator for Wish List, Phil Santos (r) as they point to a work that also describes their ethos. The piece was created by artist Amy Smith, a mixed media collage created in part with recycled magazines.

nvr alone

Chuck Self, a.k.a. NVRAlone, has a simple message in all his art, whether it’s a heart shaped globe or text over vibrant color. “My pieces are very simple, clean and direct. ‘Just be kind,’ that’s my message. I’m typically a street photographer and I’ve experienced so much great art that I’ve joined the club, and began to create myself.”


Alex Schaefer describes his work as plein air painting. “It’s all about a desire to go places. I create unique impressions, whether it is from the top floor of City Hall in downtown LA, or a distant location. I’ve painted all over the world. I love taking road trips, that’s one if the things I love to do. I capture what I see in my work,” he notes. “It’s my bread,and butter. I have good affordable price points, people love  well-done cityscapes. I get the opportunity to walk outdoors and paint the changing landscape of LA right now. I love what I paint.” There’s an ethereal quality to Schaefer’s work that casts his beautifully realistic street scenes in a dreamy light.


Above: a piece by Wish List co-curator Phil Santos, one of the sexiest and most dimensional tooth brushes in town.


Essi Zimm (r) and James Johnson (l)

Their art had already sped off Gabba’s walls when we caught up to them. Essi  Zimm says “My art is folk lore collage. It reveals the truth behind folk lore, the moralistic and revealing truth.” She’s been a part of Gabba’s Wish List show for three years.

James Johnson also works in collage. “I use found newsprint as the underlayment for pieces that feature political and social commentary. It’s kind of like a bill board with different layers exposed. I used Exacto knives to superimpose and peel back old layers. My work is based on the interpretation of images.”

jodi art

For Gabba’s Wish List, Jodi Bonassi  displayed small, beautifully wrought pieces of social realism. “The backgrounds are floaty and expressive of children in our society. I have elements of the satirical in my pieces. My work has been seen as expressionism, a more sophisticated form of street art, social realism and figurative.” Or all of the above.  Don’t miss this artist’s collage-like style and fine art execution.


Pasteur White’s bold mix of paint and marker creates vivid appeal, above.


Jaime Becker’s mixed media, “Metro” pulls viewers into its urban landscape/dreamscape.




Acrylic and mixed media: Can’tStopGoodBoy’s “Crooked Mouse.” Street art is visually stimulating wall art.

In short: Go to Gabba. Buy and gift great art that’s reasonably priced. Rinse and repeat.

The show runs through December 20th, giving plenty of time for repeat visits to find the art pieces you love best. Gabba is located in the Westlake District at 3126 Beverly Blvd.

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